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Sturdy no appeal (Who she is?)

About Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is a Japanese porn actress who successfully follow in the footsteps senior, Carera Asia has retired from the world of pornographic movies. Maria Ozawa is now the most wanted and most popular artist among other porn actresses in Asia.

Miyabi success in the world 'slime' could not be separated from his desire to be a successful woman. Although in some instances difficult to perform interview he admitted pornographic scenes with men who are not in the familiar.

Likewise, artists and other Japanese porn star, Maria Ozawa in payungi by a specialist production house pornographic films or commonly called AV. Recent years Miyabi is a specialist production house sex violence such as rape and sexual harassment.
Maria Ozawa's pretty face blend of elegance inherited from the mother of the original Japanese with his father who comes from the French and Canadian descent.
Maria Ozawa get education at the International School who made her social became widespread and English skills to be better.
The most favorite hobby is playing hockey, she played hockey every day school's. Maria Ozawa also loves to cook, and play games Playstasion in his room.
Sex at Age 13
Often on call Maria Ozawa Miyabi was born in Hokkaido, Japan on January 8, 1986. With 1.62 meters in height and weighs 48 kg made it look pretty and innocent.
At age 13, female lover of the color Pink has his first sexual experience. At that time she had sex with her boyfriend first 4 years older than him. Of note in his personal blog age of 19, Maria Ozawa has done with 6 men, four of which were her boyfriend.
At that age, Maria Ozawa has mastered the 48 sexual positions that he learned from pornographic magazines he bought his own.
Join the Film Production House Japanese Porn
Maria Ozawa's career in the world of porn movie begins with a worker from the introduction of AV (movie production houses in Japan). and his career began from the B-Open, an agent known artist in Japan. On receipt at the B-Open, Ozawa became the model of site-teien.com www.shirouto in June 2005. On this site, Maria starred in several sets of photos and two blue film.
In October 2005, Mary contracted by S1, a Japanese adult film Production House. In this company, Maria Ozawa first time starring in the "New Face", a porn video shot and make his name famous as now. At S1, Ozawa Maria starred in one title each month until February 2007. The titles of the video Maria Ozawa won the competition had the most sales pornographic films as Japanese.
In April of that same year, Maria moved from S1 to Dasdas. In this one production house, maria Ozawa many films starring the theme of violence, rape, and physical torture. At the end of 2007, Maria Osawa moved again to Attackers, Video Production House in theme spesiliasi porn rape.
In addition to starring in adult videos, Maria Ozawa also appeared in several films V-Cinema, MTV Japan, and in Yokohama hip hop group as a model in the video for Summer Time in the DSC

Small Note:
Does one of you all like MARIA Osawa porn star of the Japanese State? Know though the film, starring Maria Osawa classified film that type of pornography, but the film was not made in a perfunctory manner, but it will be prepared by a professional work as well. Porn does not mean inconsequential origin of manufacture only. If you want to see Maria Osawa was doing his film-making, you can see here.

Sources: google and tabloid bintang

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