Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Bogel Intan

Intan Comel hooded ... but who would have thought
like what you see below

Intan, girls the wrong way

Life in the era of materialistic make us all have to be careful. If we are wrong in a later step will get the results of regret that will not stop. Be careful in choosing friends. Especially for girls who are still teens, if not resistant to the beauty of life will be easily influenced into a life of darkness. Occurrence of a young girl who becomes a prostitute could be caused by a misunderstood life. Life without wealth, they think is not going to make happy. So, they took a shortcut to sell her body and exchanged for some bills. This is unfortunate. And very sad. For those of you who want to see Her can drop in here. Once you see, what is your opinion as a man or as a father?

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  1. astagfirulloh....
    kiamat udah dekat...
    podo tobasto...mpung durung telat..!!