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Breast, why so attention man ?

Kim Kadarshian fantastic artists who have breast

Breast Woman, More Often ogled Men
PART where the most ogled female or male preferred?
Apparently the breast. According to U.S. research team, members of the body of womanhood that frequent this proud owner, is part of the sexual organ of the most attractive men. The man's eyes more often directly focused on the breast, and only then noticed the face of the owner.

Research says about 47% straight male gaze fixed on a woman's breasts. About 30% directed to the buttocks and waist, and 20% of new faces. Breast was not only the very first glance the men, the Adam also longer look at the sexual organs are compared to other body parts of women.

It could be the reason this trend is the evolution factor. Women with large breasts and slim waist have higher levels of the hormone estrogen, which indicates the level of fertility. However, experts also acknowledge there are other reasons that can explain more.
"Men may perhaps more interested in the breast as aesthetically pleasing, sebera any amount," said researchers from the University of Wellington.

Research is done by involving a number of male respondents who were treated to six pictures of a woman. The photos of this woman's a digitally manipulated to increase and reduce the size of the breasts, buttocks, and waist.

Researchers noted which body part the first time be concerned, how many times respondents saw body parts and how long they watched. The research uses a camera and mirrors to monitor the movement of the eyes of respondents.

"Eighty percent of the first fixation on breasts and midsection. Men consistently spend more time seeing the breast and also significantly more fixations than do other parts, "explained the researchers. (telegraph/puri/B)

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