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Probably already know a lot about the ritual search for a kind of pig search property etc. people are doing on Kemukus Mount .Worse " behavior " by having sex with a partner is not valid.
But do you know how its history?? Rituals such sordid marital relationship is mostly done by people. who seek a shortcut to getting rich, even more capable than Business Online.
How exactly this could be a kind of ritual procedures and become something of a tradition that misguided? Located in the Village of Mount cubeb Pendem, District Source Lawang, Sragen regency, 30 km north of the city of Solo. To reach this area is not too difficult, from Solo Purwodadi
majors can take the bus and get off at Belawan (to the left of the road we will find the gate that reads "Mountain Tourism Region cubeb") from here can take motorcycle taxi or walk to the crossings with boat. Please note that since the inundation Kedung Ombo, Mount cubeb be like an "island" but during the dry season the water will recede and we practically do not need more service crossings.

Mount cubeb identical as sex tourism because in this place people can consume at will free sex with a excuse to undergo the ritual of pilgrimage behavior, that requirement if they want to be rich and successful. In an unofficial rule that required that every pilgrim must visit the tomb of Prince Samudro 7 times which are usually done on Friday night and Friday Kliwon Pon or in the days and months that diyakhini well, having sexual relations with someone who not the husband or wife (they may bring their own or their partner may meet there). from here aja benernya not in sight.
Now let us follow the history although there are those who consider it only a local folk legend.
It was told about a prince from Majapahit empire named Prince Samudro (there is a mention of this comes from the Majapahit nobility, there is also a suspect from the time of Display), Prince Samudro is falling in love with his own mother (Goddess Ontrowulan). Father Prince Samudro who know the relationship between child-mother became angry and then expelled Prince Samudro.
In infamy, Prince Samudro tried to forget his grief by traveling, he finally came to Mount cubeb. Soon after her mother followed her son to Mount cubeb to let go of longing. Well mother and son were immoral.

But damn, the mother and child before it is put through an intimate relationship, population about catching them both and then stoned by gang until they died. Both were later buried in one grave in the mountain as well. But according to the story, before it has breathed her last breath Samudro Prince had left a message that is to anyone who can continue the relationship the husband and wife who had not done it will be granted all his demands.
It is said that more so he said, "Okay I give up, but listen to my oath. Who would want to emulate what I did, that's what I will atone for my sins and help in whatever form. "
Obviously you do not follow in his footsteps, because it certainly would have caused such tragic Prince Samudro which was depraved. The proof is also the place to be depraved until now, a place the women of the night operation by reason of a pilgrim.


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