Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

The Sexy Syahrani New Singer

The singer admitted Syahrani like Anang Hermansyah.
 "Since the divorce with Kris Dayanti, Anang wounded heart.
So I wanted to treat the injuries are in his heart,

 "he said when met at Syahrini Grand Mahakam Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday.

Rumor was spread that a candidate's wife Syahrini Anang.
Syahrini admit that the songs that made him really made
the day Anang vibrate. Whether by launching a   album together
Do not Choose I marked both of them will go up to the altar?

Anang not much to comment. He said,
all the outpouring of his heart was complete in
 a duet album with Syahrini. "I hear all the songs in the
album duetku with Syahrini it will show the contents of my heart,
" said Anang smile to Syahrini sitting next to

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